To make your experience even better, we set standards to uncover excellent establishments and people. Through PLUS ONE, we support promotions to clients and potential clients. We make full use of our network to collaborate on challenges and find solutions.

Not only do we act as a tour operator, but we can also support your PR activities and other travel related business as a substitute agency.

Translation Services
We offer translation services for each country. Our translators are all certified speakers of Japanese and have experience studying at Japanese universities or working for Japanese companies.

Events Abroad
We manage and participate in events for the import and export of food products as well as tourism exhibitions, and are specialized in delivering unique on-site events targeting local participation. We can also offer evet opportunities in Japan.
Our services include:
✔︎Providing staff
✔︎Promotional booth management
✔︎Pamphlet and information distribution and more. Please consult with us for details.

Business Operations
We can act as a substitute agency for your origination's product and service sales abroad. 

Market Research
We distribute and collect questionnaires on-site.

And more...

Site Users
We express the beauty and excitement of yet unknown areas, and use a variety of features that increase the users' Quality of Life (QOL). As well as promote collaboration with end users to increase the quality of collected information.

Regional Society

We help to revitalize local regions to bring forth active clients. We facilitate and act as an intermediary for clients' users, educational institutions, and public agencies and build both "Business with Business" and "Business with Consumer" relationships, as well as support a variety of societal resources for regional communities.

Educational Institutions
PLUS ONE is used to deliver information about life in Japan and local tourism. By teaching people about areas they are not yet familiar with, we use PLUS ONE as a resource for regional and environmental education. We create opportunities for regional collaboration and share information in cooperation with industrial and academic institutions.

Local Governmental Organizations
In order to promote tourism, we support the implementation of various policies by municipalities and public agencies through PLUS ONE.

So that our employees/agents can work each day with a peace of mind, we share our values and strive to create a balanced system of work.


Company Summary

Company NamePLUS ONE Inc.
Service Contents・Portal Site Management
・Promotional Materials Accompanying All Business Operations
・International Promotions
・WEB Development
・Tour Operations
Established 2008/07/08
Representative Director Keiko Matsuyama