Concerning our company's novel coronavirus infection control measures

Our infection control measures are taking into consideration all possible contact points between our employees and customers.


Office hygiene management

✔︎Implemented consistent hand washing and sanitization with easily accessible alcohol based hand sanitizers placed throughout the office

✔︎Made it common knowledge that masks are required for all staff and visitors

✔︎Conduct regularly scheduled office space sanitization

✔︎Use of air-conditioning units for regular ventilation

✔︎Monitor staff health conditions

We ask visitors to our office to cooperate in taking a health check.


Arrangements by Tourism Facilities

✔︎We restrict business to facilities which are taking appropriate infection control measures. As necessary, we make arrangements for information distribution to ensure such operations as transportation and lodging are implementing proper safety measures.

✔︎We plan travel itineraries which implement appropriate infection control measures.


infection status to implement preventative measures. Currently, we continue to reduce the risk of infection in business negotiations and commuting by reducing face-to-face communications and altering operational hours. We apologize for the inconvenience of handling business over the phone and online, but kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.


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Customize Trip

Don't miss out and get the most from your trip! Let us help design a travel plan perfect for you with a variety of options to choose from.

The changing of the seasons comes with many seasonal events, sports, and flavors. Experience the diversity and beauty Japan has to offer. Whether it’s the winter's best powder snow, the charm of spring cheery blossoms, or the deep autumn colors, many visitors to Japan take in the scenery with outdoor activities from cycling to winter sports. Japan of course also offers many unique traditional and cultural opportunities enjoy.

Snow and Sports

Many are fans of Japan for having the best snow for winter sports. After hitting the slopes unwind in the hot springs and delight your taste buds with some Japanese cuisine. Full rental sets make enjoying the trip easy for beginners and the whole family.

Picturesque Scenery and Cycling

Take in the beauty of the outdoors while cycling. It's a great way to explore the true charm of your travel destination.

The real thing is best!

Japanese restaurants can be found around the globe, but nothing beats the true experience. Sweet domestic produce and Wagyu Beef are some of the most popular options.


There are plenty of places to explore outside of Tokyo as well! If you want to escape the city and experience something new, we recommend seeing other parts of Japan with unique locations to enjoy.

Introduction to Our Company's Activities

 Our company acts as an intermediary that coordinates local operation for you, we can even act as an outlet for advertising and promotions. Annually, we invite many international media agencies, influencers, and consumer reporters to promote Japanese tourism. We aim to showcase the parts of Japan that are still lacking global awareness.


Noteworthy Collaborations:

✔︎Together with the Taiwanese publishing company, Sharp Point Publishing(尖端出版), we published Chiba Prefecture's first guide book used by the Taiwanese influencers, Pujie Girls.

✔︎Working with Hong Kong's Television Broadcasts Limited(無綫電視), we broadcasted a special Chiba tourism spotlight on the show, Fun Abroad(3日2夜).

✔︎We use social media to coordinate promotions through popular influencers like Ciao Ciao(于卉喬).


 Additionally, we attend international exhibitions around the world and promote to both individual consumers as well as travel companies. This includes sharing some of our favorite Japanese Wines abroad and promoting them through local events and other outlets.

Going forward I would also like to promote the variety of vegan cuisine that can be found in Japan. Restaurants offering vegan options have been on the rise. The Japanese government is also supporting the industry, so there is potential to see many changes all at once. If you are interested in collaborating, we can offer a diverse set of services ranging from pamphlet design, translation, and distribution, to event staff deployment. Please contact us for more information.









Easy Japanese Cuisine at Home

This time I tried making tofu, and it was surprisingly easy. I only needed two ingredients. Tofu can easily be found in supermarkets abroad, but many of the varieties are a lot denser than Japanese tofu. In Japan, tofu is well-liked for the fragrance and flavor it can add to a dish. Of course it's also a handy way of getting plant-based protein.

Soak the soy beans overnight and then blend until smooth, boil the mixture and then filter out the excess liquid. Add Nigari (a salty solution known as sea bittern), and filter once more. That's all, and it pairs well with soy sauce or wasabi. Definitely try this Japanese recipe at home. I enjoyed mine with a little Japanese Sake.


・Soy Beans          150g
・Nigari (Liquid)      20ml


This Season's Ski Conditions

Already this season, 94% of the 450 ski resorts across Japan are open. Not only is this higher than the percentage of open resorts at the same time last year, but 67% of slopes are open compared to last year's 11%.

The last two years have seen record low levels of snowfall. However, places like Niigata Prefecture's Joetsu City Takada Resort and Toyama City have already had as much snow as they had all last season (The 3 months from December to February). Additionally, the cold winter winds have led to increased snowfall and accumulation on the mountains along the Japan Sea.

New Year's Greetings

Happy New Year! The effects of COVID-19 still linger as people continue to wonder when restrictions will be lifted and the world will return to normal. Last March while in Australia for work, I found myself in a tough situation as my trips to 3 Malaysian cities were suddenly canceled and flights back home to Japan began being canceled one after another. Soon after that, COVID was classified as a pandemic and countries around the world began taking preventative action. Those actions still effect as there is now light on the horizon with news of a vaccine.

Unable to take part in my normal seasonal traditions, I tried challenge myself with new experiences. I started and am continuing living a vegan lifestyle, and with that my cooking repertoire and cooking utensils have considerably increased. I also started taking vitamins to supplement my diet and have become more focused on improving my health. This includes adding time for stretching and walking to cover a lack of exercise.

However, the sudden drop in meeting people and sharing conversation was difficult and I recently began volunteering support for local schools. Learning about the kids and getting introduced to a whole new world of opportunities has brought a new sense of satisfaction to my life.
I hope to apply these new experiences to my work, and provide families visiting Japan not only a travel experience but a learning experience as well.

Here is looking forward to a brighter future across the globe!





Japan's winter sports

When you just can't get enough of Japan's winter sports, the main island of Japan, Honshu, has many more famous peaks to perfect your trip. We've created a travel plan centered around the Tokyo and Nagoya area that is worthy of your exploration.

Exceed expectations and start your travels by experiencing Tokyo then shift focus and take a dip in the hot springs of a famous ski resort. The slopes come in a range of difficulties sure to satisfy beginners to long-time skiers and there are plenty of scenic vistas to enjoy. You can even customize your trip by extending your resort stay.


A Trip for the Whole Family
An Easy and Unique Travel Experience



A Trip for the Whole Family

Here is a travel plan for the whole family to enjoy with activities for all ages. We understand the importance of family holidays and spending time together. With that in mind, we deigned a plan with a variety of activities for making memories together. Whether it's educational museums, Japanese historical attractions, or appreciating Japanese Anime, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your family time in Japan.

An Easy and Unique Travel Experience

An Easy and Unique Travel Experience

Travel out beyond Tokyo for an exceptional trip with a variety of seasonal experiences. This travel plan might be compact, but it is full of special activities and unique attractions.