New Year's Greetings

Happy New Year! The effects of COVID-19 still linger as people continue to wonder when restrictions will be lifted and the world will return to normal. Last March while in Australia for work, I found myself in a tough situation as my trips to 3 Malaysian cities were suddenly canceled and flights back home to Japan began being canceled one after another. Soon after that, COVID was classified as a pandemic and countries around the world began taking preventative action. Those actions still effect as there is now light on the horizon with news of a vaccine.

Unable to take part in my normal seasonal traditions, I tried challenge myself with new experiences. I started and am continuing living a vegan lifestyle, and with that my cooking repertoire and cooking utensils have considerably increased. I also started taking vitamins to supplement my diet and have become more focused on improving my health. This includes adding time for stretching and walking to cover a lack of exercise.

However, the sudden drop in meeting people and sharing conversation was difficult and I recently began volunteering support for local schools. Learning about the kids and getting introduced to a whole new world of opportunities has brought a new sense of satisfaction to my life.
I hope to apply these new experiences to my work, and provide families visiting Japan not only a travel experience but a learning experience as well.

Here is looking forward to a brighter future across the globe!